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2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

At 11:56 NST, on April 25, 2015, a powerful earthquake registering 7.8 on the Richter Scale, ravaged the Gorkha district of Nepal. After a week, officials have counted at least 7,500 dead and over 15,000 injured. These numbers increase as each day passes. Entire villages have been decimated. Thousands have been rendered homeless. Nepal's mountainous geography have made rescue efforts extremely difficult, as many areas that have been hit the worst are accessible only by helicopter. Nepal presently does not have the resources to deal with this sudden and pervasive calamity. Food, water, housing, and medical supplies are needed immediately.

Everyone, whoever and wherever they are, must come together to help the rescue and reconstruction efforts of the Nepalese people.

We have set up a convenient way for you to help by sending your contributions to Nepal through the Nichiren Order's 2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. To make your donation to aid in the Nepalese, please click on "Donation" below.

Rev. Hosho sells his photograph cards. About 400 or more photograph cards were sold autumn of last year until now, and those cards are sent all over the world. Those photographs Rev took on the Big Island are finished with temple information and the Buddha's words.

You can get these photograph cards at the temple, both Joy's stores in downtown Hilo, local farmers market and some B&B. Please use these cards for your family or friends and loved ones.


・ Photographs of the Big Island

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